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Poverty has moved, but will the services follow?

Breann Gala

MPC Project Manager Breann Gala

When you think of poverty, do you think of the suburbs? Increasingly, that’s where poverty is heading. The Brookings Institution has done phenomenal work highlighting how poverty has moved to the suburbs and the need for local, regional and federal actors to pay attention to this growing trend. Their Confronting Suburban Poverty in America initiative is correct to emphasize that the needs and challenges facing the poor in the suburbs are distinct and different from those of the urban poor.

The Metropolitan Planning Council (MPC) has a long history of working in the suburbs on housing, transportation and land-use issues, and we set out to better understand the relationship between poverty, income, unemployment and where human, social, workforce and health services are located… Read more of Breann Gala’s post in MPC’s The Connector Blog here.

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