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MMC Releases Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Toolkit to Assist Suburban Officials with Collaboration

  • The Metropolitan Mayors Caucus released a web toolkit for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to help suburban officials collaborate on DEI across town boundaries. Over the last two years, the Caucus has established an inter-jurisdictional learning network for DEI through a working group, website, and pilot program taught by the UIC Great Cities institute.

  • The toolkit, available at, helps individual communities understand how to integratediversity and equity into service delivery, external engagement, internal administration, and other functions of day-to-day government.

  • The toolkit represents a first-in-the-region resource to help municipalities develop homegrown approaches to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Each participating municipality has its own unique history, demographic characteristics, and socio-economic profile. The MMC toolkit profiles all approaches. Regardless of the specific local need, this toolkit has case studies or practices that many other towns can utilize.

Download the DEI fact sheet below for distribution and additional information.

DEI Toolkit Fact Sheet
Download PDF • 254KB

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