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Nov. 5: Resource fair in Sauk Village

Another Reason to attend the 3rd Annual Sauk Village Resource Fair …

Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s office will be on hand to provide educational information on the following areas that assists on :

  1. Consumer Fraud issues: (i.e. common scams, including Mortgage rescue fraud and foreclosure prevention

  2. Auto repair fraud

  3. Purchasing and financing cars/used car sales

  4. Payday loan/title loan scams

  5. Debt collection scams

  6. Home repair scams

  7. Identity Theft & Data Breaches: (theft of property and/or services)

  8. Crime Victims Compensation (reimbursement of out-of-pocket medical expenses for victims of certain crimes).

  9. Requirements for Charitable Trusts and Not-for Profits

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