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Mokena conducts special census to capture state-shared revenues provided to communities on per capit

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Have you moved into one of Mokena’s newer subdivisions over the past several years?

If so, it will soon be time for you to stand up and be counted.

With the Mokena Village Board’s approval of a Memorandum of Agreement with the U.S. Census Bureau March 13, the wheels are now officially in motion for a partial special census of the community later this year to account for new population growth since the last full census was conducted in 2010.

The partial enumeration will provide a means for Mokena to capture State-shared revenues provided to Illinois communities on a per capita basis moving forward.

Prior to the negative consequences on housing and population realized during the years of the Great Recession, Mokena conducted several special censuses. The most recent of these took place in 2004 and 2007. Both resulted in a significant growth in monies to Mokena to help provide core public services such as street maintenance and public safety protection for the community.

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