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Chicago’s proposed water tax hike likely to mean sky-high rates for many S. Suburban towns/res


By all indications, water rates are on their way up again to help pay for Chicago’s pension fund, even if you live in a suburban community. See the Tribune article: Emanuel’s new water tax easily passes key test vote Emanuel’s new water tax easily passes key test vote Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s latest tax hike gained momentum Thursday as the City Council Finance Committee easily advanced a plan that would cost Chicagoans $226 a year by 2020 on their water and sewer bills.

The 26-6 vote to send the new tax to the council next week came despite several aldermen saying they’re concerned about whether the money collected would be enough to shore up the city’s largest pension fund, which is the mayor’s aim.

It’s a tough vote for aldermen, who in recent years have increased a host of other city taxes, fines and fees. Since Emanuel was elected in 2011, he has persuaded the City Council to double water and sewer fees for system upgrades, hike the emergency services tax on phone bills to increase laborers fund contributions, start charging homeowners for garbage pickup and enact a record-high property tax increase to boost police and fire pension contributions…Please click here to read Hal Dardick’s story in the Tribune. A followup story, “City Council approves Emanuel’s new water and sewer tax” is here.

How much is your Lake Michigan water now and in the recent past? Click below to see water rate surveys from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Office of Water Resources.

Water Rate Surveys

  1. 2015 Lake Michigan Water Rate Survey

  2. 2010 Lake Michigan Water Rate Survey

  3. 2005 Lake Michigan Water Rate Survey

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