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LeadCare Cook County: A Program to Help You Comply with State Lead Service Line Replacement Requirements

Illinois’ Lead Service Line Replacement and Notification Act requires community water suppliers to create a plan for replacing lead service lines at high-risk facilities like child care facilities. SSMMA is excited to share that free resources are available in suburban Cook County to replace lead service lines at licensed child care facilities and help your community comply with replacement requirements.


LeadCare Cook County, a program administered by the nonprofit Elevate and Cook County Government, offers free lead service line identification and replacement for home and center-based child care facilities. Through the program, a licensed plumber inspects the water service line and replaces it for free if it’s made of lead or galvanized material. The program also provides free restoration to impacted areas inside and outside the property, filters, and follow-up lead-in-water testing.     


How Municipalities Can Help! Your municipality is invited to partner with the LeadCare Cook County program to help share program information with child care providers and other stakeholders in your community. We can provide helpful materials like fact sheets and testimonials and connect you with the program team to learn more.


Connect and learn more today by visiting or contact the team at  or 773‒389‒5657.

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