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VetTech.US invites towns to consider hosting Earth Day television recycling events

From VetTech.US

Dear SSMMA Members: With Earth Day approaching, VetTech.US is reaching out to all municipalities offering a solution to the TV recycling crisis. VetTech.US provides complimentary E-waste removal while supporting veterans. We have several options available for TV collections that provide an outlet that is cost effective. For further details or to secure your date, please contact: Robin Dupre’ at (630) 465-1611 or

Sincerely, Robin Dupre, National Director of VetTech.US, Keeling Family Foundation

VetTech.US is a program that trains military veterans for IT certification and careers. Founded and operated by the Keeling Family Foundation to help veterans, they also help our local communities. They collect and recycle older, unwanted electronics, or “e-waste” that can no longer by law be disposed of in landfills. The e-waste they collect for recycling helps to fund veteran training and is used in the free IT training program. When possible, they refurbish older electronics and donate them to community and charitable organizations in need. Please visit for more information about the program. This flyer can be used to promote an Earth Day TV Collection / E-Waste event in your community.

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