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Thornton Quarry — the Grand Canyon of the south suburbs — will soon be underwater

When Brad Sutter was growing up nearby, of course he saw the Thornton Quarry. You can hardly miss it.

“I’ve driven past here hundreds and hundred of times,” said Sutter, of the series of vast limestone pits flanking Interstate 80/94 just south of Chicago. “As a child, you’re ‘Wow, it’s just so huge.’ In my mind it’s comparable to the Grand Canyon, though I’ve never seen it.”

So it was with great satisfaction that the 24-year-old’s first job for the Walsh Group was Safety Engineer, making sure that everybody who descends into the Grand Canyon of the Southern Suburbs comes back out again…Please click here to read  Neil Steinberg’s story in the Sun-Times. A related story can be found here in the Tribune / Daily Southtown.

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