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Study finds waste diversion could create 39,000 Chicagoland jobs by 2040


A study released recently by Chicago-based nonprofit Delta Institute projects that the Chicagoland region could add 39,000 local jobs by 2040 by diverting more waste from landfill. Read the report here.

Currently, the Chicago Metropolitan Region’s waste management statistics lag behind the national averages, with Cook County residents generating 2.6 more pounds of waste per day than the average American and Cook County’s 29% recycling rate trailing the national average of 34%. Concerned by Cook County’s above-average waste generation and below-average recycling rate, Delta Institute sought to determine the existing conditions of the region’s waste management system and its environmental and economic impacts.

In the study, Waste Management: Unrealized Environmental and Economic Benefits for Chicagoland,” Delta Institute analyzed waste management practices of twenty municipalities across the Chicago Metropolitan Region to determine environmental and economic costs of current practices, then modeled those costs under three future scenarios in the year 2040, including: 1) Status Quo in 2040; 2) 40% Recycling Rate in 2040, and 3) 60% Waste Diversion Rate, where waste diversion includes recycling and compost, in 2040… Please click here to read more.

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