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SSMMA showcases the Calumet Region Enterprise Zone story map

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has been an invaluable tool to hundreds of thousands of organizations across virtually every field and discipline. GIS provides the means to visualize, analyze, interpret, and share all types of spatial information through the use of various technologies. Through GIS you can create detailed, informative, and beautiful maps, but it can also serve as a powerful tool to bring information to life in new immersive ways.

In 2017, representatives of the Calumet Region Enterprise Zone approached the GIS department at SSMMA expressing a desire to create a regional website that informs the public about their Calumet Region Enterprise Zone, the Illinois Enterprise Zone Program, local incentives and conditions, and other available resources. The GIS department, equipped with a flexible multimedia-rich platform, worked with the Calumet Region Enterprise Zone administrator and key staff from participating municipalities to develop the first of three Enterprise Zone Story Maps. The result: a story map which presents information in a way that engages and educates site visitors, informing them of the attributes of the Calumet Region Enterprise Zone. The Calumet Region Enterprise Zone Story Map is now live and can be viewed by anyone with the following link:

If you are interested in learning more about the development of this story map or creating a story map for your own organization, please contact Chris Poshek, SSMMA GIS Analyst/Enterprise Zone Liaison via email at

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