MWRD prioritizes green infrastructure projects in 2018

Projects selected for funding met several criteria: they are in flood-prone areas; they are in areas new to MWRD GI funding; they have a high rate of ground infiltration in which stormwater is prevented from entering the local sewer system; they provide educational opportunities for residents to learn about GI practices; the applicant demonstrated the ability to operate and maintain the GI practices; and they showed an appropriate cost-benefit ratio…Please click here to read MWRD’s press release.

Selected Southland projects  include:

Village of Calumet Park – introducing a detention pond, bioswales, permeable pavement and rain gardens as part of the Winchester Avenue improvements.

Village of Midlothian – installing permeable pavement, bioswales and a rain garden at the Midlothian parking lot, as part of a GI demonstration project.

Village of Orland Park Village Hall – building a green roof on the Orland Park Village Hall.

Village of Orland Park Nature Center – installing permeable pavers, a limestone trail, naturalized plantings, and detention/wetland improvements.

Village of Posen – installing a rain garden and permeable parking lot as part of Posen Goes Green.

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