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MWRD is now selling compost and accepting bulk yard waste to promote resource recovery

Press release from Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago:

Landscapers and gardeners seeking premium quality compost while making a commitment to their environment can look no further than the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRD) for a new eco-friendly product. The MWRD is now offering its composted biosolids for sale at two locations. This effective blend is popular, effective, economical and safe and already a hit with gardeners, park districts, golf courses and landscapers.

Composted biosolids are a product of wastewater treatment that improve soil quality by supplying organic matter, improving soil structure and porosity for a better plant root environment, and retaining nutrients longer which allows plants to more effectively utilize them. Composted biosolids can be used as a soil amendment or conditioner for establishing turf grass, mixing into custom topsoil blends, or adding to planter beds and pots for establishing flowers and trees. The MWRD is selling the composted biosolids for $10 per cubic yard, plus tax.

“We are reducing our transportation costs and carbon footprints while creating a revenue stream to lessen the financial burden on the taxpayers,” said MWRD President Mariyana Spyropoulos. “We hope to find partners to join us in making this program a success for the residents of Cook County.” Read more.

Not only is there constant abundance of the quality compost, but it is also available at two area locations:

–HASMA is located at 7430 W Portage Trail, in Forest View, IL (approx. one-half mile west of Harlem Avenue and one-half mile north of I-55.)

–CALSMA is located at 12600 S. Doty Ave. in Chicago, IL (north of 130th Street along the frontage road west of the Bishop Ford Expressway.)

To contribute yard waste, email yardwaste@mwrd.orgor call (708) 588-4300. To arrange for a pickup of the compost, call (708) 588-4300 or email For more information, contact the MWRD at (708) 588-4201.

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