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Markham invites residents to community meeting on remedial action planned for redevelopment property

The City of Markham is inviting residents to participate in a community meeting to discuss the remedial action planned for the Markham Redevelopment Property (Southwest Corner of Dixie Highway and 160th Street). The community meeting will include discussing any comments or questions addressing the Analysis of Brownfields Cleanup Alternatives that is posted for Public review. The planned remediation logistics will also be discussed during the community meeting. The community meeting will be convened at 6:00 PM on August 11, 2016 in the City of Markham’s Council Chambers located at: 16313 South Kedzie Parkway Markham, Illinois 60428

For further information, please contact: John Thompson, Director of Economic Development Phone: (708) 331-4905 x 337

Follow-up: Please click here for the Record of Decision prepared to document the City’s approval of the proposed Brownfields cleanup activities.

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