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GIS Mobile App is now Live!

SSMMA now has a mobile app for municipal staff to use in the field to add or adjust their housing, infrastructure and environmental data in the GIS web map. The app is available for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devises. Any municipal staff with access to the map can use the mobile app (please email Lakeshia Wright at if you do not have a username). Any property maintenance inspector can quickly access information about the property as they drive by it. They can learn whether or not it is a rental property, see their code violation history, etc. They can also make edits about the property, track changes and take pictures which will automatically attach them to the property/attribute in the map. The pictures can be instantly accessed by other users of the mobile app and users of the desktop version of the map. This is also a way to make note of vacant properties. Please download the Free ESRI ArcGIS app from your phone’s app store. . • Once it is installed, open up the application, and then click maps. • Click on the sign in button. Please use Your private portal username • Once logged in on, the Find Maps box in the upper left hand side will appear. Please click on My Groups • Then click on Secure Mobile Application • Separate apps within the secure app include: water, sanitary and storm, environmental (chem drums, birds, creeks, trees), street sign and light and housing. Click on the group that you want to access. • To choose what feature you want to edit, click on the box and arrow icon in the header to the right of the overview tab • Please note: to turn on the GPS function in the application you must click on the satellite icon on the bottom left of the screen. • Please note: Multiple basemap choices can be made by clicking on the four square icon to the right of the measure tool. • Click on the feature class. Then the table will appear. Type in whatever data you desire. • Then click on the respective location on the map where the feature is located. Then click finish. • The new feature will be held in queue for us to approve and version to the master geodatabase.

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