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Floodlothians, Midlothian representatives, CNT visit MWRD Board of Commissioners to support stormwat

Midlothian visits MWRD

n the photo (L-R): Theda Reed, Chris Parker, Jackie Hill, Helen Lekavich, Commissioner Debra Shore, Midlothian Trustee Karen Kreis, Gary L’Heureux, Midlothian Superintendent of Public Works Joe Sparrey, MWRD staff Principal Civil Engineer Joe Kratzer, Senior Civil Engineer Cedric Robertson and Managing Civil Engineer John Murray pause during the March 17 Board meeting to discuss Midlothian’s stormwater management project. Photo courtesy of MWRD

Midlothian Trustee Karen Kreis, Superintendent of Public Works Joe Sparrey, Midlothian residents known as “Team Floodlothian,” and Center for Neighborhood Technology representatives attended the March 17 Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago’s (MWRD’s) Board of Commissioners meeting to commend commissioners and staff for their work in providing much needed flood control work in their community.

During the meeting the MWRD Board approved a proposal to move forward with final design on a flood control project on Natalie Creek in Midlothian and Oak Forest…Please click here to read the full press release.

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