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Discover What GIS Can Do For Your Community

A geographic information system (GIS) captures, manages, and presents all types of geographical data. GIS is an especially useful tool for local governments because it allows information to be tied to different locations in the community. When the information is represented spatially, it can open the door for seeing patterns and relationships that can be hard to discern when data is simply in spreadsheets or folders. GIS can serve many purposes for local governments looking to make data-driven decisions, such as benchmarking and strategic planning. GIS can also be used to increase local government transparency, i.e., local governments now use GIS to track 311 calls and make these maps publicly available. Some communities are even using GIS to increase citizen engagement. Here are some documents to get you started on incorporating GIS into your local government…Please click here to get the documents or read more on ICMA’s web site. For more information about using GIS in your community, please contact Jose Alarcon at 708-922-4673 or

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