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Cook County Homeland Security & Emergency Management answers questions on state disaster flood p

Flood FAQs

For Governments What does the state disaster proclamation mean for units of governments? The state disaster proclamation ensures state resources are available to help government officials respond to and recover from a disaster. State assistance includes resources such as sandbags, inmate labor for sandbagging or debris removal, law enforcement support and more. If you need assistance from the state, please submit your request through your county emergency management agency.

What is Public Assistance? The Public Assistance (PA) Program is a federal program that may provide disaster assistance to states, units of government and certain private non-profit organizations for debris removal, emergency protective measures and the permanent restoration of public facilities, as a result of a major disaster or emergency declaration made by the President.

How can we qualify for Public Assistance? There are two thresholds that must be met for federal Public Assistance:

First, the total statewide eligible disaster-related expenses (expenses from all impacted counties and all state agency expenses) must exceed $18.3 million. Second, a county’s eligible disaster-related expenses must meet a threshold determined by its population multiplied by $3.61…Read more.

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