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Celebrity plungers raised nearly $18k for Cal-Sag Trail


Reggie Greenwood takes the plunge to raise support for the Cal-Sag Trail. Photo courtesy of Richton Park Mayor Rick Reinbold.

Friends of the Cal-Sag Trail (FOCST) joined local officials, leaders and supporters to celebrate a new day of cleaner water, a healthier ecology and changing image of the Cal-Sag Channel by taking a plunge on Aug. 27.

Plungers included Reggie Greenwood, David St. Pierre, Steve Buchtel, Jason Berry, Josh Ellis, Debbie Stoffregen, Gavin Van Horn, Matt Binns, Diane Banta, Sergio Green and Alfred Saucedo.

The jump took place in the Cal-Sag Channel, between Chatham Street and Western Avenue in Blue Island.

They raised $17,728 towards construction of  the remaining 13 miles of the 26-mile Cal-Sag Trail. The funds will also help install improvements to the existing trail, such as water fountains and benches. The tribune/Daily Southtown had a related story here.

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