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Bicyclists rejoice as west portion of Cal-Sag Trail opens

Photo courtesy of Nancy Kois on Facebook.

Photo courtesy of Nancy Kois on Facebook.

Tired of dodging traffic on busy streets in the Southland, bicyclist Francis DeCastro, 44, of Oak Lawn, has been looking forward to the opening of the western half of the Cal-Sag Trail for years.

He’s eager to ride on a smooth, recently paved trail along the Cal-Sag, watching wildlife and the occasional passing watercraft instead of worrying whether an SUV is going to push him off the road.

“My biggest concern if I’m riding on the streets is people don’t drive safely,” he said. “And sometimes people drive past and yell at you out the window…” Please click here to read Steve Metsch’s story in the Tribune/Daily Southtown.

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