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When the going gets tough for staff, the Employee Assistance Program can help


Employee Resource Systems’ Bill Heffernan leads an EAP discussion April 20, 2017 over lunch at SSMMA offices.

The Employee Assistance Program is a service that SSMMA offers to help our members to help their staff. Participation is just a phone call or click away. Contact EAP staff representative Sheila Miller at 708-205-1155 or

EAP Service Overview 

  1. The EAP provides professional consultation and referral to assist with a wide spectrum of work, family, and personal issues.

  2. Accessed by phone, instant message, or website

  3. Available anytime, any day

  4. Always confidential

  5. Up to 8 free in‐person sessions with a counselor near your home, work or school

  6. No cost to you or your family to use the service.

  7. No limit to the number of issues for which you may use the service

  8. Follow‐up to be sure that the assistance met your complete satisfaction

Click here for more information on EAP.

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