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Water funds are nearly dried up for South Suburban Joint Action Water Agency

Fed up with Chicago’s rising water rates, a group of south suburbs got together and borrowed nearly $5.6 million in 2012 to study if and how they could build their own water supply system.

A year later, that money — the proceeds from that public debt offering — is evaporating faster than a puddle on a hot sidewalk. And the municipalities that are on the hook for bond repayment still don’t know if the proposed project is a pipe dream, the Better Government Association has found.

Since August 2012, more than $2 million has flowed — often via no-bid contracts — to politically connected companies and attorneys to study the implementation and cost-effectiveness of bringing Lake Michigan water to the communities through a new filtration and piping network, the BGA found…Please click here to read Andrew Schroedter’s full story in the Sun-Times.

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