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Village of Hazel Crest RFP - Comprehensive classification, compensation study

  • The Village of Hazel Crest seeks proposals from qualified firms to conduct a comprehensive classification, compensation study, and analysis for non-union employees. Currently, the Village employs 85 regular full-time and 24 regular part-time employees, of whom 21 are non-union.

  • This project's scope includes two major components: (1) working with the Village management team to develop/revise compensation procedures, policies, and philosophies; and (2) evaluating the current structure and compensation levels for all full-time positions and recommending appropriate adjustments. All work will be done with the regular involvement of the Human Resources Manager, Assistant Village Manager, and Assistant Village Management team.

Compensation Procedures, Policies, and Philosophies

1. Work with the management team to review current compensation procedures, policies, and philosophies and recommend modifications.

2. Use the values developed and the information gained to develop a pay structure/system for the Village. The primary focus should be structure (ex: salary ranges for positions, procedures that include an equitable and relatively simple position evaluation system that the Village can use to evaluate new or modified positions, guidelines for promotional salary increases, and guidelines for dealing with inequities), and the development of a pay-for-performance system.

3. Make recommendations of implementation strategies for any suggested changes.

B. Evaluate Current Compensation Levels

The study shall evaluate the present salary structure compared to the specific job market for comparable positions in the private and public sectors. The consultant shall perform or provide the following:

Request for Proposal March 31, 2023.

  • Review all current non-union job classifications and analyze same for knowledge, skills, abilities, education and experience relevance and hierarchical consistency, job definitions, distinguishing characteristics, supervision received and exercised, conformity with the ADA relative to essential job functions (including physical demands); and unique requirements including licensing and certification requirements.

  • Review all position descriptions to ensure they adhere to ADA, FLSA, and all other applicable employment laws; provide a methodology for establishing and ranking newly created job descriptions and criteria for their placement in the Village's salary structure.

  • Analyze all existing classifications and recommend additions and deletions to the current classification plan.

  • Establish appropriate benchmarking standards and conduct salary surveys as needed for similar positions with other local government providers, other regional municipalities of comparable size, and, where applicable, public and private sector competition in the local area.

  • Identify potential pay compression issues and provide alternative solutions. Analyze and recommend changes to the present compensation structure.

The proposal should include the following:

  • The experience and qualifications, including proposed staff member(s) who will be performing the services; a brief description of the organization; a list of local government agencies for which the firm has conducted similar studies; and a list of three recent client references, including telephone and fax number, email, and addresses.

  • Approach/methods used to perform the project: detailed description of the services and processes by which the work set forth will be served. The report shall include the following: proposer's understanding of the services to be provided; methodology to be used in benchmarking and determining salary ranges; estimated time the project will take from the beginning date to the completion date.

  • The cost proposal should contain a complete breakdown of all costs related to the proposal's content, including maximized total cost. An alternate proposal that includes the cost of having 61 union positions (85 FTEs) in the analysis should be included.

Proposals should be submitted no later than March 31, 2023. Further, the Village reserves the right to reject any or all submittals and may request one or more firms to provide a detailed proposal. All inquiries concerning this request should be directed to my attention at 708-335-9600 Ext 144 or email:


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