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State officials launch Driving a Cleaner Illinois program

Gov. Bruce Rauner and Illinois EPA Director Alec Messina have launched the Driving a Cleaner Illinois program, aimed at improving air quality in the state by primarily removing old diesel engines from service.

This program makes way for cities, schools, transit agencies, and private businesses to submit project ideas to the Illinois EPA detailing how they will replace the old engines with newer, more environmentally friendly options.

“Taking old diesel engines off our streets and out of our rail yards will lead to better air quality for all of us,” Rauner said. “The projects that will be funded in this first round will provide benefits to the most sensitive populations, including school children and residents in areas that do not meet federal air quality standards.”

The Driving a Cleaner Illinois program is funded through a $108 million allocation to the state of Illinois from the Volkswagen settlement…Please click here to read the full story in Advantage.

Applications are available through a Notice of Funding Opportunity. Project applications will be due Oct. 15. Click the settle website for more information.

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