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SSMMA provides transportation Call for Projects training and support

SSMMA offered training on the new local Surface Transportation Program (STP) methodology, and how to apply for the 2020 Call for Projects on Dec. 10 at Prairie State College’s Adult Training and Outreach Center. The Call for Projects runs from Jan. 14 – March 24. SSMMA provided tools and practice for attendees to fill out the the STP, CMAQ , and TAP-L  Call for Projects (CFP), which are completed online using the CFP module of CMAP’s eTIP database (see the eTIP User Guide).  The tools included an STP Workbook and Transportation Hub that help improve the efficiency of the grant writing process. Read more about the Surface Transportation Program.

Need more help with your applications? SSMMA will offer additional assistance and support on March 20, 2020, 9:30 a.m. -2:00 p.m. at Prairie State College, 202 S Halsted St, Room 2020, Chicago Heights, IL 60411.  For more information, email Note: the March 20 meeting has been canceled. 

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