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SSMMA approves 2019 Legislative Priorities

Since 1978, the South Suburban Mayors and Managers Association (SSMMA) has developed a common voice on municipal positions in the southern suburbs and advocated for sound public policy initiatives and solutions to local municipal, regional, and statewide problems. As an intergovernmental agency representing 45 municipalities and nearly 750,000 residents, we’ve listened to the needs of our communities and have one vision for the southern suburbs: a stronger, more economically vibrant and fiscally sustainable Southland. It’s with a sense of urgency that we’re focused on working with members of the 101st General Assembly during the 2019 legislative session on these targeted, high priority goals for our region:

– Expand the Economic Development Tools of the Southland

– Stabilize Local Government and Municipal Budgets

– Reform and Consolidate Public Safety Pension Funds

– Pass a Fiscally Responsible Capital Infrastructure Investment Program

Our 2019 Legislative Program’s priorities—while seemingly unrelated— seek the same result: improving the overall stability, sustainability, and financial solvency of south suburban communities in order to ensure their long term economic success. Read more.

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