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By Rita Kueny

Federal Specification Changes May Lead to SPC Ambulance Cost Increases

The Suburban Purchasing Cooperative (SPC) has been informed by the SPC ambulance program vendor of potential cost increases related to changes in federal procurement specifications governing ambulances. Foster Coach Sales has notified staff that proposed changes, primarily to cot retention systems on KKK-1822 Federal Procurement Specifications (to which Illinois adheres), may be implemented effective July 1, which will add considerable cost to any ambulance ordered after July 1, 2015.

The SPC Contract for Horton 623 Type I Additional Duty Ambulance and other optional models is held by Foster Coach Sales of Sterling, IL. Foster has advised that the specification changes could increase the cost of each unit up to $22,000. Stryker is currently working on a less expensive fastening system that may be in the $5,000 range, but it will not be available until late this year. For additional questions or information, please contact Steve Foster, 800-369-4215, ext. 3, 815-499-0125 (cell) or

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