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SPC Approves Dodge Ram Price Adjustments

Due to price changes implemented by manufacturer Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), the Suburban Purchasing Cooperative (SPC) Governing Board has approved new prices on the two 2017 Dodge Ram vehicles under contract with Napleton Fleet of Westmont. The price of the Dodge Ram ProMaster 1500 Cargo Van (contract #156) has decreased by 5.2%, although the Dodge Ram 4×4 Crews Cab SSV (contract #175) has increased 3.6%, which is in line with many Ford price increases. The price increase on the SSV is primarily due to a reduction in FCA’s government incentive, which has also been the case with Ford vehicles. The new pricing is as follows:2017 Dodge Ram Vehicle2016 Base Price2017 Base PriceChangeProMaster    1500    Cargo                    Van (contract #156)


$21,604.00($1,118.00)   or5.2% decrease1500 4×4 Crew Cab Special Services (SSV) Vehicle Pickup (contract #157)


$26,508.00$930.00 or 3.6%increase

For additional information, please contact staff or Bob Barr, 630-530-0563 or Click here for more information about the Suburban Purchasing Cooperative, or to view the catalog.

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