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• Suppliers no longer offer 92 octanes, so 93 octanes are the only Premium No-Lead option. • The 70/30 blend is a combination of #2 grade diesel and #1 grade diesel. Since OPIS has a separate accounting of each product and since the SPC requires mark-up on each product, the 70/30 blend is obsolete. • Separate line items for E75 and E85 have been combined as the suppliers/terminals need to adjust the amount of ethanol throughout the year by mandate of the EPA. Depending on the time of year the product name changes. For example, January thru March it may be E75 and April through August, E85. • Due to demand for bio-blends, B2, B5, B11 and B20 fuels have been added as line items.

For questions or additional information, please contact staff or Arnie Berg, or 847-462-4263. Staff contact: Ellen Dayan

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