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Thank You for Making the NWMC Fall Auction a Success! The fall NWMC Surplus Vehicle and Equipment Auction was successfully held on Tuesday, with over 70 units sold. Thank you to Tinley Park Park District for participating. We will let you know the dates for the 2021 auctions when have been finalized. In the interim, America’s Auto Auction hosts online sales on par with other government surplus Internet auctions, so members can sell vehicles at any time during the year. For questions or additional information, please contact Berry Ellis, or 312-371-5993.

SPC Renews Liquid Calcium Chloride Contract with No Price Increase! Just in time for winter (sorry!), the Suburban Purchasing Cooperative (SPC) Governing Board is pleased to announce the first of three possible one-year contract extensions on the 2020-21 Liquid Calcium Chloride (Contract # 194) to Sicalco Ltd. of Hinsdale. The contract extension runs from December 5, 2020 through December 4, 2021 with no price increase as follows: Price Per Gallon     Delivery     Delivered Price .4828                         $0.14         $0.6228

The SPC reserves the right to extend the contract for up to two (2) additional one-year terms upon mutual agreement of both the vendor and the SPC on a negotiated basis. For questions or additional information, please contact Frank Sibr, 630-371-2655 or

Click here for more information about the Suburban Purchasing Cooperative or to view the catalog.

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