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NWMC Sets 2020 Municipal Surplus Vehicle and Equipment Auction Dates The Northwest Municipal Conference has signed a new Agreement for Auctioneer Services with America’s Auto Auction through February 14, 2021 with four possible, one-year contract extensions. The DuPage Mayors & Managers Conference, Metro West Council of Government and South Suburban Mayors & Managers Association piggyback onto this agreement which calls for three auctions per year in Spring, Summer and Fall. The first auction of 2020 will be held at Tuesday, April 21 at 2:00 p.m. at America’s Auto Auction, 14001 S. Karlov Avenue in Crestwood. The summer auction is scheduled for July 21, and the fall auction will be held on October 20.

We encourage you to participate in the auction program as America’s Auto Auctions brings together live and online bidders and offers services that help maximize the value of your vehicles and equipment. In addition, auction revenues help support NWMC operations and reduce the burden on dues. Please note that America’s Auto Auction also offers Internet auctions on par with GovDeals and Public Surplus. For questions or additional information, please contact Berry Ellis, or 312-371-5993.

Click here for more information about the Suburban Purchasing Cooperative or to view the catalog.

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