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SPC Launches New Electrical, Lighting, Data, Networking, Wireless & Security Contract The Suburban Purchasing Cooperative (SPC) Governing Board is pleased to announce the award of Electrical Lighting, Data/Communication, Networking, Wireless, Security and Related MRO Supplies and Services (Contract #192) to GraybaR of St. Louis, MO. This contract piggybacks on the OMNIA Partners Contract #EV2370 awarded by lead agency, Kansas City, MO. The contract, which is effective immediately, will run through January 31, 2023 with possible annual renewals through 2029.

The SPC will work with GraybaR to fully rollout the program in detail to all SPC members and other eligible purchasers. In the meantime, we are pleased to announce a soft launch of the program so you can begin utilizing the contract immediately. GraybaR, a Fortune 500 company is a leading distributor of data/communication, networking, wireless, security, electrical and lighting products. OMNIA Partners lowers your overall project and purchasing costs while providing the quality of service and expertise customers expect from GraybaR. The program offers GraybaR’s best overall value to state and local government agencies. GraybaR/OMNIA has worked with their key suppliers to negotiate reduced costs wherever possible on frequently purchased items their core list. For items frequently purchased by multiple agencies, our proposal targets 5-10% savings to the participants assuming a consistent mix of product purchases. The new program provides a complete and comprehensive offering of wholesale product lines, including: Electrical: Conduit; Wire; Boxes; Fittings; Devices; Enclosures; Fuses; Power Distribution and Control; and, related general electrical materials. Lighting: Lamps; Ballasts; Fixtures; Controls; and, other related lighting and LED Products. Data/Communication, Networking & Wireless: Networking & Wireless; Copper/Fiber Cabling; Connectivity and Termination; Power Backup & Power Protection; Racks, Cabinets and Enclosures; Raceway; and, Wire-Way. Security: Cameras; Monitoring; Entrance Protection; Fire; and, Intrusion. Value Added Services: Assessment; Repair; Renovation; Installation; Testing; Inventory; Emergency; Training; and, other related services. Related Maintenance, Repair and Operation (MRO) and Other Products: An offering of related MRO and other products to support agency-specific needs. Other GraybaR Services: Disaster Preparedness; Product Kitting; Just in Time (JIT) Benefits; GraybaR Financial Services; Project Order Management; Smartstock Streamlines Replenishment Process; Material Staging; and, Technical Assistance. The SPC looks forward to a long, successful relationship with OMNIA Partners and GraybaR. If you need help getting started, have questions or need additional information, please contact OMNIA Partners Public Strategic Contract Manager Jeff Peskuski,, 314-573-7154 (office) or 630-640-4905 (mobile).

Spring NWMC Municipal Surplus Vehicle and Equipment Auction Set for April 21 The Conference has executed a new Agreement for Auctioneer Services with America’s Auto Auction through February 14, 2021 with four possible, one-year contract extensions. The spring auction will be held on Tuesday, April 21 at 2:00 p.m. at America’s Auto Auction, 14001 S. Karlov Avenue in Crestwood. The summer auction is scheduled for July 21 with the fall auction scheduled for October 20. We encourage you to participate in the auction program as America’s Auto Auctions brings together live and online bidders and offers services that help maximize the value of your vehicles and equipment. In addition, auction revenues help support NWMC operations and reduce the burden on dues. Please note that America’s Auto Auction also offers Internet auctions on par with GovDeals and Public Surplus. For questions or additional information, please contact Berry Ellis, or 312-371-5993.

Factory Order Cut Off Date Set for SPC 2020 Ford Utility Police Interceptor AWD Hybrid The Suburban Purchasing Cooperative (SPC) Governing Board has been notified by Currie Motors that Ford Motor Company has set April 3 as the factory order cut-off date for SPC 2020 Ford Utility Police Interceptor AWD Hybrid (Contract #152). For questions or additional information, please contact staff or Tom Sullivan, 815-464-9200 or

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