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SPC Approves Contract Price Adjustments

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By Rita Kueny

The  Suburban  Purchasing  Cooperative  (SPC)  Governing  Board  has  approved  the  following  price adjustments:

Sewer Cleaners

SPC program vendors Standard Equipment of Chicago and EJ Equipment of Manteno are currently in the second of three possible contract extensions, from July 9, 2014 through July 8, 2015.  Environmental Solutions Group, the Vactor manufacturer, has increased prices on the base models by 2% to 3% as follows:Standard Equipment Sewer Cleaner ContractOld PriceNew Price$ Difference% Change10 Yard Fan Catch Basin/Sewer Cleaner with John Deer Auxiliary Engine Contract$271,035.00$279,003.00$7,968.002.94%12 Yard Fan Catch Basin/Sewer Cleaner with John Deer Auxiliary Engine$287,182.00$292,898.00$5,716.001.99%

For questions or additional information, please contact standard Equipment Sales Manager Tom Markel, 312-706-9675 (office), 312-208-6376 (mobile) or

Ford Expedition XLT

The SPC Governing Board recently approved the third and final contract extension with Landmark Ford for the 2015 Ford Expedition XL 4×4 Special Services Vehicle. The duration of the extension is October 5, 2014 through October 4, 2015; however, the Expedition XLT was excluded from the extension as Ford Motor Company had not announced price adjustments.   The SPC recently received the adjustments, which have been approved as follows:

Please  note  that  most  purchases  on  the  contract  are  for  the  lower  priced  Ford  Expedition  XL  model ($27,188.00), with only a handful of Expedition XLTs purchased each year.  For additional information or questions,   please   contact   Lyle   Snow,   800-798-9912   ext.   253   (office),   217-553-2508   (mobile)   or  

Please support the SPC and SSMMA when making purchases and note that every municipality and government agency in the State of Illinois is authorized to participate in SPC Programs.   The SPC catalog can be viewed on our website  Feel free to contact me at (708) 206-1155 or with any questions or comments you may have regarding existing SPC programs or additional programs you might like to see added.

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