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South Triad Reassessment meeting with Assessor Kaegi

Kaegi also introduced a number of reforms that his office is rolling out this year. They include: new legislation that prevents seniors from having to reapply for exemptions each year, a new website, a new call center, and a new online appeals platform to replace paper filing. For commercial, the assessor discussed a new Real Property Income and Expense (RPIE) system that will allow these property owners to submit income and expense data to help the assessor’s office value property more fairly. With better data, the office can ensure that everyone is paying their fair share, which could provide relief to homeowners. This voluntary system supports the goals of the Data Modernization Bill that the assessor’s office is seeking to pass in the Illinois legislature that would require commercial property owners of a certain scale to provide this data to the assessor across the county.

Because of the challenges noted above, SSMMA is leading efforts with area legislators in support of House Bill 43, the Southland Reactivation Act, which could provide real property tax relief to south suburban communities. See Legislative Priorities for details.

Additional photos are here.

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