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SLFRF Overview of the Final Rule

The Overview of the Final Rule provides a summary of major provisions of the final rule for informational purposes and is intended as a brief, simplified user guide to the final rule provisions.

The Final Rule Webinar provide details on the broader menu of options of use of State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds and difference between the Interim Rule and Final Rule.

From the slide deck presented in the webinar:

  • SLIDES 6, 7 : Key uses remain the same, some expanded eligible expense provisions

  • SLIDES 7, 8: Instead of calculating loss of revenue, municipalities can elect to claim a standard revenue loss of up to $10M—up to the total amount of your total allocation (i.e. of your TOTAL ARPA allotment is $1.6M you can claim $1.6M as Revenue Loss. You no longer have to calculate and prove revenue loss).

  • Public Sector revenue loss replacement funds can be used for broad general government services and allows for streamlined reporting

  • SLIDES 11,12: Disproportionately impacted communities have new, expanded eligible uses, including improvements to vacant and abandoned properties (see page 134 Final Rule)

  • SLIDE 16: Payroll and covered benefit for Public Health and Safety personnel – public health and safety staff primarily dedicated to COVID-19 response may be fully covered

  • SLIDE 17: A broader set of Capital Expenditures may be allowable. For example, emergency response equipment such as ambulances fully eligible

  • SLIDE 20, 21: Expanded Water and Sewer and Broadband Infrastructure use of funds allowed

  • SLIDE 22: Several restrictions of use still apply, such as pension contributions (except as part of payroll) and deposits to rainy day fund.

Find the full SLRF Final Rule and the overview below.

SLFRF-Final-Rule (1)
Download PDF • 1.79MB

Download PDF • 920KB

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