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Schedule changes coming to Metra Electric Line

Press release from Metra; please share with your communities:

Metra will be changing the schedule on the Metra Electric Line, including the cancellation of one outbound South Chicago Branch train during the evening rush, beginning April 23. The changes are being made to provide increased train spacing in preparation for the implementation of the Positive Train Control (PTC) safety system.

Metra Electric riders will notice changes in departure and arrival times to a number of trains in the range of two to five minutes during the morning and evening rush hours. The changes are necessary to meet PTC’s requirement that each signal and switch be tied into its communications system. To do this, Metra had to replace a manually operated switching system at 11th Place, just north of the Museum Campus/11th Street Station, with an automated system. More time will now be required to navigate this switching point because the signals must reset between each train. Schedules had to be adjusted to reflect the new operating conditions. Read more.

For more information on these schedule changes, click here.

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