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RTA Access to Transit Improvement Program call for projects

ACCESS TO TRANSIT IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM • On April 13 the RTA announced a call for projects for the second round of the Access to Transit Improvement Program. This program was established as a way to seek capital funding for small-scale projects to improve transit access. Funding comes from the CMAP through the federal CMAQ program. Projects selected as part of the RTA’s Access to Transit Improvement Program will then be bundled into one application submitted to the CMAQ program. Program details can be found in the program application guide (located on the RTA website). Important Dates for Applicants • An information session will be held on Friday, April 29, 2016 at 9:30am at the RTA, 175 W. Jackson Blvd, Suite 1650. • Applications are due via e-mail by October 20, 2016. Important notes on this year’s program • Eligible applicants must have completed, or be in the process of completing, a plan through either the RTA’s Community Planning program or CMAP’s LTA Program and be located within the RTA’s six-county service area • Phase I engineering must be completed or initiated at the time of application in October. • The RTA will fund up to 15% of the project cost (up to $75,000). The match amount is based on the economic and demographic characteristics of the community and will be provided upon request to the applicant (using the same scale that CMAP developed for their LTA program). • Funding for the program is contingent upon RTA-supported projects being accepted into the CMAQ program in 2017 and RTA Board approval of matching funds in future annual budgets. • Questions? Contact: o Ms. Heather Tabbert, AICP Manager, Local Planning and Programs Regional Transportation Authority 312-913-3244

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