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RFP - Harvey 154th Street Vaulted Sidewalk Repairs

This Request for Proposals (“RFP”) is being issued by the City of Harvey (“City”), acting pursuant to the City’s charter. This RFP is being issued as part of the City’s Emergency Procurement procedure to repair unsafe sidewalk conditions for the City of Harvey.

The RFP is for eliminating two vaulted sidewalk areas in downtown Harvey at 175th E. 154th Street and 190 E. 154th Street (see Project Location Map on page

2). The vaulted sidewalk was exposed in recent sidewalk construction. Once discovered, the areas were left undisturbed. Surface openings at both locations allow visual inspection of the void and basement access.

The scope of work shall include the following:

• Remove existing broken sidewalks

• Construct a two-brick thick wall at the basement access opening after removal of wood framing

• Close any additional basement wall openings as necessary to contain gravel backfill

• Backfill void with suitable subgrade gravel material

• Install 4” concrete sidewalk

• At 175th E 154th ST, install single concrete step at each access door

Contractors are encouraged to visit the locations and assess the approximate quantities for the

completion of the work. Proposed sidewalk shall match the newly constructed surrounding sidewalk.

The City will remove barrier blocks per coordination with selected contractor. The contract will be

awarded as a Lump Sum Project that includes both locations.

The City will accept proposals via email at until Friday, March 17, 2023 by 5:00 pm CST.

CoH_2023-03-01E_154th Vaulted Sidewalks
Download PDF • 1.38MB


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