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Request for bids: Site preparation general contractor

The South Suburban Mayors and Managers Association (SSMMA) is seeking bids from qualified Contractors for Site Preparation & Earthwork activities for the Millennium Reserve Calumet River Corridor Green Infrastructure Consortium project (download the RFP here). SSMMA has acquired a grant to fund green infrastructure planning, mapping and implementation activities within the Calumet Core of the Millennium Reserve.   Engineering Plans have been prepared for three (3) sites and summary quantities detailed for the communities of Blue Island, Robbins, and Calumet Park.  The Contractor will perform the excavation and haul off work in order for a landscape firm to perform the installation of Rain Gardens.  The Contractor will coordinate scheduling directly with our engineer and landscape firm prior to any construction activities. Below is a Scope of Work of each site. 

Scope of Work

  1. Blue Island Site – SW Corner of Washington Ave. & 120th St.:  Located at the southwest corner of Washington Ave. & 120th St. in Blue Island, the parkway is to be excavated approximately 18” and soil material hauled off.  A series of curb cuts with splashblocks are also included in this scope. Click here for the summary of quantities.

  2. Robbins Site – SW Corner of Claire Blvd. & 137th St.:  Located at the southwest corner of Claire Blvd. & 137th St. in Robbins, this site is approximately 0.50 acres.  The site will be cleared and grubbed of topsoil material and graded to finished grade for seeding installation.  Two (2) rain gardens will be excavated and material hauled off. Click here for the summary of quantities.

  3. Calumet Park Site –Veteran’s Park:  Located at Veteran’s Park in Calumet Park, four (4) pocket rain gardens will be excavated for and material hauled off.  Two curb cuts with splashblocks are also included in this scope. Click here for the summary of quantities.

Bids for must be submitted as a Lump Sum encompassing the Scope of Work for all three (3) sites.  Engineering Plans and Bid Tables with quantities are enclosed.

Evaluation Proposals will be evaluated on:  1) Contractor’s understanding of project scope; and 2) Project Budget


March 26 – RFP Issued April 3, 2015 by 12PM – Proposals due via email to April 6, 2015 – Contract awarded April 2015 – Construction Begins

Please direct any questions or comments to Dennis Latto at 708-922-4604 or

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