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Nov. 30: Expiration date of Ride Free permits for seniors

From the Regional Transportation Authority and The Illinois Department on Aging; please share with your residents:

The expiration date of November 30 on Ride Free permits, used by qualifying seniors, is quickly approaching. If riders have not yet applied for the State of Illinois Benefit Access Program (BAP) they are encouraged to do so now in advance of the rapidly approaching expiration date. In June, the RTA extended the expiration date of Ride Free permits for seniors to November 30.  The extension allowed more time for riders to apply for the BAP program as it could take between four and six weeks for eligibility to be approved.

Approximately 24,000 seniors have yet to renew their permits.  The RTA is required by law to issue these permits to individuals who have been approved by the BAP program. Please click here for more information, or to apply.

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