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New Tax Breaks to Encourage Occupancy of Vacant Buildings in the Area

vacant building tinley park

Due to the effects of the recession, current Vacant Building Owners can Secure New Business Tenants and apply for a 60 percent reduction in the property tax rate. With the amendment, the property can be vacant only 1 year, instead of 24 months, to qualify.

The Amendment was encouraged and supported by SSMMA, the CSEDC, and the Village of Tinley Park. Trustee Dave Seaman and Trustee Brian Maher of Tinley Park spearheaded the effort to approve this amendment to help economic development in the region.

Special thanks to Cook County Commissioners Joan Patricia Murphy and Liz Gorman for pushing this amendment through County Finance Committee.

For more information on this amendment, please contact the Incentives Division at the Cook County Assessor’s office at 312-443-7550.

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