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Minimum Wage and (Paid) Sick Time Ballot Referendums

The Cook County Board recently passed advisory referenda that will be placed on November’s ballot related to Minimum Wage and (Paid) Sick Time. To bring the voice of the people to an issue that is front and center to most south suburban residents several of our towns took action and passed an advisory question of their own that asks voters to weigh in on whether Cook County should work to create and maintain a tax incentive program that results in lower tax bills and reduces the tax burden on local property owners and taxpayers. It’s anticipated that there will be an overwhelming response of “Yes to that question at the ballot box which reinforces the need for Cook County to have a robust Tax Incentive Program that supports economic development and investment in our Southland communities. See Resolution Placing Advisory Public Question on the Nov. 6, 2018 Ballot. Click here for an article on the County-sponsored referenda questions, or here for the Cook County ballot.

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