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Meet the staff: Planner and GIS Analyst Jesse Bakker

Meet SSMMa Planner and GIS Analyst Jesse Bakker.

Mr. Bakker (BA Urban Studies, Columbia University, 2013) joined SSMMA as a GIS analyst at the end of 2013, and in late 2014, Jesse moved into the role of planner with SSMMA’s Housing Department, continuing the organization’s work with municipalities and partner organizations to help stabilize neighborhoods and improve the housing stock of the southland.

Relatively new to the world of planning, Jesse was attracted to SSMMA by the cross-jurisdictional scope of the organization’s work. After studying regional planning in the Chicago area at school and working on regional initiatives at the Center for Neighborhood Technology, Jesse was eager to put his background and GIS skills to use in the south suburbs.

Since joining the SSMMA staff, Jesse has also helped manage the GIS data, produce maps and analysis for municipalities, and help build the organization’s online catalogue of data and mapping applications.

Jesse lives in Chicago, where he was born and raised, and enjoys following his beloved Bulls.

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