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Lane closures and ramp work scheduled for south Tri-State Tollway for bridge and ramp repairs

Press release from the Illinois Tollway; please share with your communities:

Long-term lane closures and traffic shifts on the South Tri-State Tollway (I-294/I-80) are scheduled to begin in late April, for bridge and ramp rehabilitation work. The work is scheduled to be complete this summer.

In 2015, the Illinois Tollway will repair the southbound bridge over the Midlothian Turnpike in Crestwood and repair the pavement on the ramp carrying southbound I-80 to Illinois Route 394 in South Holland.

Weather permitting, during the week of April 27, construction is scheduled to begin in the southbound lanes on the Tri-State Tollway between 131st Street and the Midlothian Turnpike. Electronic message signs will be put in place to alert drivers.

Work will begin with southbound traffic shifted to the left and reduced to three lanes to provide a workzone. Repairs to the southbound Midlothian Turnpike Bridge include replacing pavement on both sides of the southbound bridge. No work is scheduled for the northbound bridge.

Traffic is scheduled to remain in this configuration through May, at which time the lane will reopen and four lanes of traffic will be shifted to the right to provide a workzone on the left through June. Off-peak, lane closures during overnight hours are also planned during this work. About 55,000 vehicles per day travel this stretch of southbound I-294.

In addition, work is scheduled to begin at the Illinois Route 394 Interchange at I-294/I-80 in early May and electronic message signs will be posted in advance to alert drivers. Work at this location will include pavement repairs along the ramp and shoulder.

These projects are being coordinated with the Illinois Department of Transportation, along with local municipalities and police and fire departments…Read more here.

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