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IML staff analysis of local government funding bill (SB2039)

Thanks to the Illinois Municipal League for providing this analysis: 

Analysis of Senate Bill 2039 Staff: Joe Schatteman Status of Legislation: Public Act 99 – 0491 (Effective Date – December 7, 2015) Synopsis of Legislation: This legislation makes various appropriations for the Fiscal Year 2016 budget. Most of the appropriations are non-general revenue funds. Below, in the first section, are funds most pertinent to municipalities and other units of local government. The second section contains a comprehensive list of all other funds listed in the bill. 1. Highlighted Appropriations of Funds for Local Government Motor Fuel Tax Funds:  Counties – $204,108,000  Municipalities – $285,775,000  Road Districts – $92,617,000 Other Local Funds:  Casino Tax to Municipalities – $100,000,000  Video Gaming Tax to Municipalities and Counties – $45,000,000  Use Tax to Chicago – $84,400,000  Use Tax to Counties and Municipalities – $255,100,000  Grants to local governments, emergency telephone system boards, or State Police for design, implementation, operation, maintenance or upgrade of wireless 9-1-1 or E9-1-1 and public answering points – $77,130,000 2. Appropriations of Funds for State Departments and State Officers Attorney General:  Illinois Gaming Law Enforcement Fund – enforcement purposes – $1,000,000  Attorney General Court Ordered and Voluntary Compliance Payment Projects Fund – subject to pertinent court order or agreement, use in the performance of any function pertaining to the exercise of the duties of the Attorney General, including enforcement and public education – $11,200,000  Illinois Charity Bureau Fund – to enforce the provisions of the Solicitation for Charity Act and to gather and disseminate information about charitable trustees and organizations to the public – $1,900,000  Attorney General Whistleblower Reward and Protection Fund – ordinary and contingent expenses, including enforcement purposes – $7,000,000  Attorney General’s State Projects and Court Ordered Distribution Fund – payment of interagency agreements, for court-ordered distributions to third parties, and, subject to pertinent court order, for performance of any function pertaining to the exercise of the duties of the Attorney General, including enforcement and public education – $11,300,000

Read the entire analysis here.

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