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Illinois Survivors of Homicide Victims Program


From the Association for Individual Development and the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority (A flyer can be downloaded here):

The Illinois Survivors of Homicide Victims Program offers a system of accessible, comprehensive and culturally competent services that address practical and psychological needs of surviving family members. The Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority has partnered with the Association for Individual Development (AID) to provide services to families of homicide victims in suburban Cook County.


  1. Service provider available within two hours, 24/7 to assist survivors at the crime scene.

  2.  Provider checks in with officer in command immediately upon arrival.

  3. Provider maintains an effective, professional and courteous relationship with law enforcement.

  4. Works to de-escalate situations where surviving family or friends may have a desire to retaliate.

  5. Supports survivors and promotes cooperation with the investigation.

  6. Provides immediate support and crisis intervention at crime scene to family survivors of homicide victims.

  7. Assists survivors with immediate concerns, such as crime scene clean-up, funeral arrangements, coordinating arrival of family members, ensuring welfare of children and sensitivity to media involvement.

  8. Provides proper death notification to survivors, as requested

FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: Joanne Furnas Director, Crisis and Outreach Services Association for Individual Development Phone: (630) 966-4350 Email: Or visit

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