IDOT seeks public comment on the FY 2021-2024 STIP

Written comments regarding the Draft FY 2021-2024 STIP should be forwarded to the Office of Planning and Programming in Springfield by Nov. 15 at the following address using the form on page 27: Illinois Department of Transportation Office of Planning and Programming 2300 S. Dirksen Parkway, Room 307 Springfield, Illinois 62764 Individuals can also email at DOT.STIP@Illinois.gov or contact the Department concerning planning, programming and public involvement issues at 1-800-493-3434. IDOT welcomes public comment on the draft STIP as well as all transportation issues. The Department responds to telephone inquiries, letters, and e-mail comments for all issues. The Public Review and Comment form on page 27 is provided for public use but is not necessary. A record of comments and responses is maintained by the Office of Planning and Programming.

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