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IDOT accepting applications for its Truck Access Route and Deficient Bridges Programs


The Department has proposed the Truck Access Route Program (TARP) continue to be funded in FY 2017 at its existing $7.0 million funding level. If enabling legislation is passed and signed, we anticipate funding will be available for this program beginning in July 2016.

Each candidate project must have a completed application form and a project location map. Applications should include information pertaining to prior commitments by the Department, a description of industries, municipalities, and truck generators along the proposed route, projected growth in the area, and the number of trucks using the proposed route. The project location map should clearly identify the proposed route and each of the project termini. Information pertaining to phase construction that will complete a designated truck route, or if the project is part of a multi-stage construction project, should be provided. Read the full circular letter here.

IDOT is also accepting funding applications for deficient local and state major highway bridges through their Illinois Major Bridge Program. Read the full circular letter here.

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