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Ideas currently being sought for Oct. 3-4 IDOT Fall Planning Conference

Topic, moderator, organizer, and speaker suggestions are now being accepted for the 2019

IDOT Fall Planning Conference to be held in Evanston, Illinois on October 3rd – 4th.

This years conference theme is: ELMRS – The Glue for Revitalizing Illinois

ELMRS is short for Economy, Livability, Mobility, Resiliency, and Stewardship. These 5 overall performance goals, established within the Illinois Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP), provide the overarching framework for the vision of IDOT.

All topics are welcome. Proposals should tie into one or more of the ELMRS/LRTP performance goals above. Consider exploring issues that impact your organization or highlighting successful programs/projects recently delivered. Please submit ideas here by April 30th.

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