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GSU’s Illinois International Trade Center to participate in Asia-Pacific Economic Forum Openin

The Illinois International Trade Center at GSU and three ITC clients have received an invitation from the White House to participate in the Asia-Pacific Economic Forum Opening Symposium on May 29. There only have 100 Asian American and Pacific Islander Business leaders nationwide to be invited to participant the White House event. The event will introduce the President’s economic strategy to rebalance to the Asia-Pacific region and provide an opportunity for experts on AAPI consumer and business markets to discuss AAPI buying power and critical trends. It is a great honor to our International Trade Center and all the clients. The invited ITC clients are: 1. Kathy Xuan, President of PARC Corp

2. Raymond Wang, Manager of CJS Trading Co.

3. Minna Xiao, President of CRS International

The event will mark the beginning of a series of roundtables that seek to encourage trade and investment across the Asia-Pacific region. The Asia-Pacific Economic Forum Opening Symposium will provide AAPI business leaders with the opportunity to engage in discussion about the opportunities for trade and investment in the Asia-Pacific region. Discussion topics range from leveraging the AAPI diaspora, stimulating U.S. jobs from exports and investments, export and project financing, development challenges in the Asia-Pacific region, and defense contracting opportunities. During the symposium, business leaders will be able to learn about opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region through senior Administration officials. It will also be an opportunity for federal agency representatives, entrepreneurs, and business leaders engaged in the Asia-Pacific region to network with one another.  The event is off the record and closed to the press. Please click here for more information about the Illinois International Trade Center. For a related press release, click here.

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