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Grant opportunity: Powering Safe Communities Program


The Powering Safe Communities grant program specifically seeks to:

Enhance the quality of life in cities, villages, and towns in the ComEd region and among Metropolitan Mayors Caucus member communities; Enable local governments to provide for the health and safety of their residents and visitors; Address unmet public safety needs; Leverage additional resources to efficiently deliver public safety programs and services; Enable the use of technology to improve public safety and emergency response; Provide for the safety of the greatest number of people and vulnerable populations; Foster collaboration and cooperation in the community to create a culture of safety and wellness as referenced in the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus’ Greenest Region Compact 2; Demonstrate innovation, professionalism and cost-effective strategies; Support leadership in public safety and activities that lead to recognition and accreditation; Build community resiliency and enhance preparedness; Improve public safety relative to the use and distribution of electricity.

Please click here for more information or the grant guidelines and application.

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